The Smart Home
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How IoT devices, smart home automation and security is entering our homes in 2020

Merriott Chard Technology provide a range of smart home automation and security systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to disrupt the way we live and work. With the roll out of the 5G telecoms network in the UK this year, more and more devices will be available for the home. 

Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Imagine that you're driving home on a cold winters day. But rather than turn the heating on when you get home and wait for your house to warm, you simply use your smartphone when you leave your office to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature. This has been a reality for a few years now with many connected devices controlling your heating system.

Merriott Chard technologies is a Certified dealer and installer of Control4 systems and products the worlds leading Smart Home integration platform. 

Merriott Chard will help you through the process of deciding which, if any smart home technologies are suitable for you project. With our technology partners, we can offer a range of solutions which will fit with your needs. 

We have a specialist team who focus on the security of your project, and your wider assets. We can consult, design and install security systems of varying sophistication, depending on your needs.