Kitchen Collection
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The Windsor Collection

True timber is a guaranteed sign of quality and warmth within a kitchen, a trend that will never change. Our Windsor range is available in 4 painted colours as well as oak with the timber grain visible in any colour. The door also has a subtle beading placed on the shaker frame to add more traditional character to the design. Windsor offers a world of accessories including tongue and groove panels to accentuate the traditional feel within the kitchen.

The Cambridge Collection

Choose the natural beauty and warmth of solid timber for your kitchen, personified by our Cambridge range. Colour options range from traditional oak through to the highly On-Trend tone of dust grey while Cambridge offers a vast array of accessories to create perfect features with. The simplicity of Cambridge allows you to create both traditional and modern looks, simply choose a handle to suit your taste and then indulge yourself in the likes of modern curves or traditional pilasters

The Vivo+ Collection

Vivo+ is the perfect choice for modern living. A simple, easy to clean shape without any of those dust and dirt traps to slow your daily routine down. Vivo+ is available in both high gloss and tactile matt finishes with a multitude of popular colour choices. Vivo+ doesn't compromise on quality either with both the door front and edge being painted for a seamless aesthetic. Why not introduce some curves to soften your kitchen lines?

Lucente Collection

Our Lucente range has a crisp J profile creating contemporary handleless kitchens with a minimalist look that's highly On-Trend throughout the UK. Lucente is available in an array of gloss and matt finishes to suit your personal preference. The 22mm thick door provides added durability while the painted finish is your assurance of quality. Take inspiration from some of our image choices and look at some of our designer accessories to create a bespoke unique look.

Glacier and Lastra 

Glacier and Lastra offer super gloss and super matt finishes to suit your preference. Glacier also offers two edging choices to create a more  individualised look while both ranges offer the rare beauty of internal curves.

The Linear Collection

Differing textures within the kitchen are becoming increasingly common, creating different workspaces and feature areas. Linear offers 9 such examples and covers everything from industrial concrete, to ceramic anthracite and highly realistic grained effect. Linear doors can either be used to create complete kitchens on their own or combined with a solid colour for a stunning two tone kitchen. If you're fashion conscious and looking to make a striking designer statement then Linear is the choice for you.


Mood lighting and task lighting are the order of the day in the kitchen as you look to create either more ambience or add practicality to workstations. Ensure you incorporate lighting at an early stage to minimise future disruption and to create a fully integrated kitchen. With LED product as standard, you can relax knowing it's not going to cost the earth 

Sinks and Taps

The sink and tap area of your kitchen is a highly frequently used area so take time to choose products carefully that suit both your taste and your needs. From single to twin levers and stainless steel to ceramic sinks our concise range has it covered. 

Smart Storage

Our innovative storage solutions allow you to capitalise on every inch of available space, including hard to access corners and crannies that previously would've been left gathering dust. On Trend offers 2 different product finishes with Elite, an anthracite finish with solid bases and Dynamic, a chrome or powder grey finish with wire baskets. Look for the super smooth soft close actions and make your new kitchen a slam free zone.