Construction Pack
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Your Construction Pack contains detailed technical drawings. We will integrate the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing disciplines into coherent and detailed reports as well as providing build costs and the management of the Tender process.

Technical Design Meeting - Your Construction Pack commences once the design has been finalised. You will meet with your Technical Designer to run through all your chosen specifications. The design sessions can be provided at your home or in our design studios enabling you to connect with your design team when necessary

Site Survey - Site surveys are detailed studies carried out to supplement and verify site information provided by the client and site appraisals carried out by our surveyor. They may begin with a simple walkover survey and then progress to more detailed surveys focusing on specific issues.

Building Proposal - This is the first look at the complete drawing set. This will enable you to check off all the specification and how it is integrated within the intended design features. Your technical drawings will include updated and finalised reports from your Construction Pack

Construction Drawings - A complete set of drawings including material specifications will be included for you build project.

  • To include: Site Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Sections
  • Structural Arrangements
  • Mechanical & Electrical Plans
  • Other details as required for the project

Structural Calculations - Structural calculations look at every aspect of construction. As the name suggests, they calculate the resources needed and the potential costs involved in doing the work. They also highlight any risks. The calculations include everything from foundations to walls to rafters. They form the basis of a structural calculation report.

Scope of Works - Once the technical details have been finalised and completed the drawings are issued to Building Control for review. This includes the Architectural, Structural and MEP drawing. Working with Building Control from the beginning we can ensure that any amendments are made quickly and accurately and ensure that your project is built to the correct standard.

Technical Take Off - Once fully modelled we can create an item by item quantity take-off. This will detail all the relevant specifications, sizes, lengths, locations, quantities, and supplier details. All these elements are crucial in terms of obtaining accurate quotations and includes details such as, bricks and mortar, new boiler, kitchen worktop, etc. We have developed a structure that is understood by contractors and householders alike and delivers a tender document that gives you confidence in the quotes you receive.

Construction Phase Plan - The Construction Phase Plan containing the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 requirements for the project. The contents of this are:

  • Project Particulars
  • Risk Control Schedule
  • Fire Plan
  • Outline Programme
  • Site Rules
  • Emergency Control Plan & Location of local A&E Hospitals